About Us

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ePostle.net was created in 1999 with the expressed intention of providing apostolic evangelism for a growing electronic world. In collaboration with Japonica Partners the first internet broadcast of the Armenian Divine Liturgy took place on Easter 2000. Since then, ePostle.net has been at the forefront of providing quality multimedia productions evangelizing the Christian gospel to an electronic world.

The Armenian Church has a unique message of hope, love and faith in God. This message has guided the Armenian people through the last 20 centuries. Given today's circumstances, multimedia/electronic forums become an opportunity for the Church to reassert itself within the lives of its people. Through quality programming, the message of the Christian Church can reach more people in an efficient and effective manner.

Our most recent project is a podcast titled "The Next Step." Taught by Fr. Vazken Movsesian, each session delves into the understanding of the ancient Armenian Orthodox faith in life today. If you’re looking for the missing pieces in life’s puzzle, if you want to do more than memorize a few Bible verses and if you are ready to think, download a session.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, as expressed through the Armenian Orthodox Church, through the use of electronics and multimedia - television, the Internet, video & audio productions, etc. - to the world and to the Armenian people in particular.


The ePostle.net Studio

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Pictured above: the ePostle.net studio (left to right) Ken Nalik, engineer; Suzie Shatarevyan, producer and Fr. Vazken Movsesian. Not pictured: Ani Burr