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Weekly podcasts: Life through the lens of Armenian Orthodoxy.

Fr. Vazken Movsesian

Produced by Suzie Shatarevyan;
Engineered by Ken T. Nalik
Sermons tuned to the key of life, offered by Fr. Vazken Movsesian.
Delivered & recorded LIVE at the Armenian Church Youth Ministries' Center in Glendale, CA. Dealing with matters of the heart. (Language: Armenian)
Produced by Suzie Shatarevyan;
Engineered by Ken T. Nalik

What is the Next Step with Fr. Vazken?

The Next Step is a show produced every week for a vast audience, which includes those who are searching for practical and deeper applications of faith, the disenfranchised members of the church community, and of course the neophyte, those who are searching for truths in Ancient Orthodoxy. These broadcasts are available every week, free of charge, either as a podcast on Apple iTunes or on the Internet at - Apostolic Evangelism for an Electronic World. Whether you're listening on CD, over the Internet, or on your MP3 player, we invite you to sit back, turn up the volume, and get ready to take the Next Step.

To learn more please read Preface to the Next Step.

How do I subscribe and/or download these podcasts?

It is very easy to play and download our audio podcasts.  We provide instructions here so that you may be able to subscribe to our podcasts using iTunes or other pod catchers as well as to be able to burn our audio files to CD for listening while you’re in the car or while you’re simply away from your computer and need the convenience of a CD.  We also recommend subscribing to our podcasts using iTunes as iTunes makes it very easy to transfer our podcasts to your iPod. 

To subscribe to the Next Step podcast simply click on the icon for any of the pod catchers listed in the left navigation menu and follow the onscreen instructions.  You may also request to receive e-mail notifications every time a new episode becomes available. Simply enter your e-mail address, follow the verification process and you'll receive an e-mail once a week when the latest podcast is released. To subscribe to Fr. Vazken’s Sermons, visit the sermon's podcast feed page and select your preferred subscription option. 

You will notice that every Next Step episode we release to comes with a player button.  The simplest way to listen to our podcasts is to press on that player button and the audio will begin streaming immediately.  Above this player button is a Download Podcast link (in the Archives page this link appears below the player button).  To save a copy of the MP3 (audio) file locally to your computer so that you can later burn it to a CD, RIGHT click on the direct download link. From the right-click menu choose “save link as” or on some computers this appears as “save target as”.  Next choose a location on your computer in which to save the audio - perhaps on your desktop or in your “downloads” folder. The MP3 file should now be saved on your computer.

You can organize your audio files and burn CDs using iTunes which is available both for Mac and PC computers.  First create a play list and drag the audio files you want to burn into the list.  To do this, open iTunes, go to File in the menu bar and select New Playlist.  Give your playlist a name.  Create a play list by dragging the audio files you want to burn into the list.

Make sure all the files you want to include on the CD have a checkmark beside them. Then RIGHT click on the title of the Play list you just created and from the menu select Burn Playlist to Disc.  This will open up a dialog box for choosing your Burn Settings.  Choose Audio CD as the format for your disc and click on Burn.  Alternately, you can click Burn CD (at the bottom of the iTunes window) and insert a blank disc. 

If the playlist contains more audio files than will fit on the CD, iTunes burns only the number of files that fit on one disc, and then asks you to insert another disc to continue burning the remaining songs. It might take several minutes to burn an audio CD.  That’s it! You can remove your freshly burned CD and take it with you anywhere.