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Poitier’s Priest

Next Step #468: The Ascension Edition: About the celebration of fortune telling – The tragedy of Anoush and Fr. Boyle’s alternative. Sidney Poitier’s Priest: Reflections from Portland’s Armenian Church. Chris Cornell’s voice silenced. Jesus on Ascension day: the promise of eternity of Love. Aqua Velva as a refresher on a hot day. 100th Anniversary for JFK and Perry Mason.
Hamparnalov by Seminaries at Vazgenian Seminary at Lake Sevan
Ascension of Christ
Anoush Opera
Fr. Greg Boyle Commencement Speech at Notre Dame 2017
Sidney Poitier “Measure of a Man
Chris Cornell’s Wife to him
Pope / Trump Gift Exchange
Lilies of the Field
Cover: Grotto Altar, Portland, Oregon
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Ascension: Beyond Resurrection via Healing

Next Step #312 – May 29, 2014

In the continuing quest for relevance in traditional Orthodoxy, Fr. Vazken challenges listeners to find healing in life beyond the message of resurrection. Appealing to the story of Jesus’ Ascension (the feast is today), here is a fresh look at the story found in Matthew 28. Destiny, fortunes, superstitions are discussed in religious folklore. Pope Francis in Jerusalem – the schisms not because of our misunderstanding of God but caused by our misunderstanding of each other.
The “In” in In His Shoes is the operative word and it makes all the difference as the Christian story of salvation. Forgive and forgetting is the difference of resurrection and ascension. Preview to the 100th Anniversary of Commemoration.
Song: “Vijag” by Zulal
Foreplay” by Boston
Pope Francis in Jerusalem with Patriarch Bartholomew
Pope Francis & Netanyahu
Ascension – Healing
Dr. Harry HagopianMENA Analysis
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