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“The Lenten journey for Armenians is marked by a deep sense of spiritual devotion, cultural heritage, and a commitment to the principles of faith, humility, and self-discipline, all symbolized by the intricate beauty of the khachkar.”

Father V’s Updates

Daily messages from Father Vazken.

Celestial Triggers

Armodoxy for Today: Celestial Trigger Triggers come in all shapes and sizes. On a gun it’s the devices that releases the mechanism to shoot. Flowers or furry animals may trigger allergies in people. And a good actor interpreting his or her parts may trigger emotions that will soften the hardest of hearts. Celestial events, such […]

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The Armenian Church

in the Metaverse

Coming 4 – 24 – 24

Visit The World’s First Virtual Children’s Memorial:


The Archbishop

Vision and Direction for the Armenian Church

Archbishop Hovnan Derderian

sets the vision and direction of the Western Diocese (United States) in his writings, sermons and speeches.

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About the Archbishop (Mirror 2023)

About his Primacy (Decades 2023)

United Voices for Armenian Captives
(at the Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Cathedral)

Podcasts on Christian Faith, Culture and Spirituality

The Basement Tapes

A weekly podcast with Sousanna.

Talking about LIFE and where FAITH takes you. The Basement Tapes with Sousanna Pogosyan, brought to you as part of the expanding vision of    CLICK TO WATCH

The Next Step

A weekly podcast with Father Vazken.

Eclipsed Relevance

Next 789 – April 6, 2024 – Easter brings hope for the suffering.…


Some of Sunday – a prayer, hymn, scripture and message with which to jumpstart your week.

A new episode is released every Sunday evening at 5:00 PM Pacific Time


The, pronounced ēˈpäsəl (apostle with a long “e”) dot net, is an electronic ministry of the Western Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church. is a hub for Armenian spirituality ancient and new.


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Epostle is committed to exploring the latest in technology including virtual reality and the metaverse to preserve, inspire and share Armenian spirituality with the world.



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