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The 7s have aligned again

Next Step #777 – July 7, 2023 – Kicking off the 16th year of the Next Step podcast, Fr. Vazken shares the message of the original “7”s and forgiveness and gives a preview of the year to come on Epostle.net. Produced by Suzie Shatarevyan for http://Epostle.net Subscribe and listen on demand on your favorite pod-catcher! We’re […]

Spiritual Coaster

Next Step #760: Solutions: Write a letter? Or move mountains? Take your pick of the solution and the means. Time to get a life and take on responsibility for life. Opting for spiritual power and choice at the end of the year. Archbishop Vatché Hovsepian, laid to rest: the funeral and burial. Leveraging Love The […]

Change Searched

Next Step #758: As Google announces its search results, and change followed fear from 2021 to 2022. Christ and his relevance 2000 years ago and today: a lesson for the Church today. Google Video on 2022 Google Searches for 2022 Google Video for 2021 IHS Toy Drive Diocese Glendale Building The Box & Daily Message […]

IHS Proaction

Next Step #752 : What does it take to move from a reactionary mode to a proactive one. We do it every day with dental hygiene, how about expanding the field? An explanation of the Three-O’s and the model they present… in this week’s episode. Activist Post on Dr. Oz Look Back: Jesus’ concern for […]

Under Wraps

Next Step #751: From coverups to false narratives, from truth to Truth, a look at how we are being impacted from forces around us. Halloween is only a part of it, and only the beginning. “Celebrating the Schism” leads to a deep dive into some uncomfortable areas for uncomfortable times. Jesus as a Lunch Date? […]

Coinciding Scriptures

Next Step #750: When scripture coincides with life events of a priest, a signal is sent to focus on the mission of Christ, the Church and the minister of the Gospel. A look at Luke 4:16-22: The mystery of importance and centrality for life. What about the “brokenhearted,” why are they overlooked, or just a […]

Bishop Daniel Interview

Next Step #749: “We are sitting on a treasure” says Bishop Daniel Findikyan, and admits that the value of that treasure is “inconceivable.” Listen in on this interview that goes beyond administrative issues and talks about Faith, Christ, God, and our spiritual life. Discuss: Truth through Jesus, the Prosperity Gospel, Old and New Testaments and […]

Translating Hope

Next Step #748: Hopelessness, helplessness and depression, Fr. Vazken demonstrates a translation to hopefulness. Translators who move beyond language, an expression for today. Holy Translators from Mashdots to Shnorhali, 700 years of hope. Editorial privilege: essential news. Anxiety and the Crucifixion. Daily Messages from Epostle NASA Webb images Hrashk Manoukner – Hambartsman Tziavor Cover: Entrance […]

First Tweets

Next Step #747: This next step is the first step on the Epostle.net network. A run-down of the Launch, arrival and moving forward with the steps. Jesus and the art of the tweet: simplicity in the Gospel is a mission and articulation at a different level. We’re now live: https://epostle.net Highlights of 40th Anniversary Divine […]