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Numbers of Ascension

Next Step #573: Ascension Day 40 days after Easter – the Great Commission. Why 40 days? Authority in Heaven & Earth: Mystical traditions of numbers. Why did “some of them [disciples] doubted”? More on randomness and order, slots included. An Ascension day tradition: vijag and what it means to us today. Toumanian’s insight on destiny and superstition. Ascencia honors In His Shoes as “Chef of the Year”: Inspiring to move from victim to victor. And much more.
“Vijag” by Zulal
Ascencia Chef of the Year Award
Ascension Message
Great Commission
Hovhaness Toumanian Poems
28 Known Galaxies
Nick of Time by Richard Matheson
Cover: Lady at Sevan 2014
Technical Director: Ken Nalik
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