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Forgiveness & Freedom

Next Step #735: Back in 2007, on this day, we established the Day of Forgiveness based on Christ’s principle of forgiving without limit. Here’s another reminder of the dimensions of forgiveness and leading to freedom. A shooting in Chicago is the latest of a string of shootings in a country that is struggling with freedom and the control of that freedom. Here are the links to today’s topics.
July 3, 2022 – Freedom Sermon at 1:12:25
1927 – 4th of July picnic, picture and commentary
Forgiveness conference on 7/7/7 www.7×77.org
7×77 Universal Peace Symbol through Forgiveness
Chicago Killings
Book of Forgiving by Bishop Desmond Tutu
Jethro Tull www.jethrotull.com
Cover: Building the human embodiment of 7, Vasquez Rocks
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