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Activism during a Weekend for Society

Blubrry player!Next Step #241 – January 17, 2013

Datev Outreach Coordinator, Anna Gasparian, is in studio for a briefing on a Christ-centered ministry to combat domestic violence through the Armenian Church. This all during a weekend which calls for societal change from the memory of Rev Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to President Barack Obama’s second inaugural.  Working to bring sanctity to the family in a holistic manner.
Datev Outreach: http://datevoutreach.org
Anush’s Pomegrante Seeds – “Activism” – I’m not buying apathy!
Song: “White, Brown, Black” by Brownie McGhee
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The First time Barack Obama was sworn into office
Kindred Spirits – MLK & John the Baptist
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Fr. Vazken and Anna Gasparian in studio