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Hand Signals

Next Step #399: Left-handed blues; Intro to AC101 – new video programming; absences of homogeneous environs; Istanbul  Patriarch; 30 years after Challenger; the Laughter Tracks and a quest for relevance.
Song by Silva Tchilingirian
Silva-Dak El Aleb
AC 101 – New Video Series: Baptism | Candles
Istanbul Patriarch
Rwandan Blog
MLK on Relevance
Unjust Steward
Engineered by Ken Nalik
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Vacation & Recreation Plans for the Rest of Us

Next Step #162 – July 14, 2011

Making a vacation a true opportunity for recreation is a Christian calling during summer and year-round. Here’s a chance to enjoy the best of God’s world without leaving home. Dizzy Gillespie hit the jazz note and you got a buzz, now try some “Armenian Blues” for that extra walk through Palu and now America. Islam in America – how far? Mormons and the Christian Church – beginning a conversation on the Next Step. Tweeting your way through college.
Song (dedicated to Uncle Gill): “Ghurgeet” by Richard Hagopian
Ani’s Bubble: The Secret of Happiness
New video channel: www.youtube.com/armodoxy
The Other Wiseman: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/19608
Tweeting through College
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