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Testing beyond the Parameters

Next Step #361: First experiments of taking the message to where it belongs. Speech by Fr. Vazken to the City of Brea at the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast. Armodoxy beyond the ethnic parameters. Can it be a viable choice in the landscape of religious and spiritual options? Nayiri Hamparian in Washington at 100 Anniversary Commemorative program. Patriarchal understanding of Jesus vs the matriarchal conception.
Song: Minstrel and Troubadour songs of Armenia
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Profoundly True Reconciliation

Next Step #307 – April 24, 2014

Reconciling the message “Christ is Resurrected” with the reality of Genocide that comes today. Glendale is a ghost town this day, and the trappings of the Church made for some frustration that Fr. Vazken shares with the listeners in this episode. Listen in to a Holy Week and Genocide Commemoration that offer so much more for Christian identity in the 21st century.
Song: “After the War” by Ian Anderson
Fr. Vazken at the Montebello Monument
Leveraging Love
Easter Sunrise Liturgy (with text)
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Elements of the Conundrum

Next Step #202 – April 19, 2012

In a month of Resurrection we’re commemorating Genocide. Puzzle? Conundrum? Changing the language of conflict and understanding victory in terms expressed by Jesus. The path of the politicians, the challenge of St. Paul and the power of Christ come into play in this “Genocide Edition” of the Next Step.  Fr. Vazken brings it all together with a Christian message that is powerful, victorious and full of peace. Also -The April shower of tears won’t lead to May flowers this time, but will attempt to alleviate nausea. Religiosity of the shakers and movers, the rejection of the intelligentsia.
Ani’s Bubbles:  A Living Faith – Vincent Van Gogh
Song: “Menk Ankeghtz Zinvor Enk” by Hovhaness Badalian
Khirmian Hayrig’s Paper Ladle: http://armenianhouse.org/khrimyan-hayrik/loving-father.html
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The Sound of One Hand Clapping

Next Step #99 – April 29, 2010

Genocide Commemoration – why we can’t forget. Story of the USC Annenberg School’s Denial Policy, Interview with William’s College Student Madlyn Mgrublian who single-handedly organized the campus commemoration; Follow up to the Famine and a glimpse of a REAL miracle, one of resurrection and hope for tomorrow.
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