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Slipstreaming Christmas Carols

Next Step #394: Picking up on a challenge and listening for the change that comes from within. This is a special Christmas Eve edition where Fr. Vazken shares some music which awakens the dormant expressions of love and peace in us all. Not your usual fare of carols, but some gems that go by unforgotten. The “motion” of Armenian Orthodox liturgy… Slipstreaming in a VW… War, Terror, Peace and Love – connecting the dots.
Cover Photo – Christmas slips and streams by Fr. Vazken
Pope Francis on Christmas Charade
Christmas Truce
Christmas Truce History
Snoopy’s Christmas
Chicago Christmas Album
Jethro Tull: www.jethrotull.com
Jethro Tull Christmas Album
Wonderin’ Aloud
One of Us by Joan Osborne
Blind Boys of Alabama
Engineered by Ken Nalik
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A Kiss for You: Laughs to Cries and Back Again

Next Step #269 – August 1, 2013

A lost kiss finds its way to where it belongs. Join Fr. Vazken as mood swings and different life puzzles play into this podcast. A blast from Armenia and a stop at the orphanage for special need children. Armodoxy is the message of Armenian Orthodoxy and there’s no better place to hear it. Pope Francis borrows a page from Armodoxy too.
Song: John Bilezikjian “Art of the Oud”
Fr. Vazken on Same Sex Marriage (Act #10x)
Pope Francis and the Armodox position
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Apostolic Tweets: Armenian & Latin

Next Step #247 – February 28, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI’s Twitter account puts up a vacancy sign “Sede Vacant” minutes after his last Tweet. Dynamic/Alive -It’s all about moving forward. A healthy understanding to the Roman Catholic Church, for the Orthodox Christian – an Armodoxy view. Peter the Rock and the Confessional Rock: Christ the Center. Sunrise “Arevakal” Confession – “The Way, the Truth and the Life, Christ”
Anush’s Pomegranate Seeds: “Loving Divorce
Song: Armenian Public Radio “Retrograde” 
Apostolic Succession in the Armenian Church 
Pope Benedict’s Tweets Archived 
Lenten Journey: http://armodoxy.blogspot.com
Sun Sash: http://sunsash.blogspot.com
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Finding the Better Jesus

Next Step #155 – May 26, 2011

Three statements about God:  From Harold Camping’s destructive news of world’s end (5/21/2011), to Serj Tankian’s criticism of organized religion (PTL/PTA) to Oprah’s “Team” (and Jesus), Fr. Vazken explores the understanding of God and the Kingdom of Heaven in the context of Armenian Orthodoxy. Some comments after a pilgrimage to Yettem = Paradise is Heaven on Earth. No need to wait for future times – imagine Jesus as the LOVE equivalent today! Reject the absurdity of what is being taught.
Music “Takvor Gopke” by Inga & Anush; http://www.ingaanush.am/
Ani’s Bubble – “Does it Matter?”
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Armodoxy: You Say You Want a Revolution?

Next Step #121 – September 30, 2010

Defining the self within the structure of Armenian Orthodoxy as children of the 21st Century. “Validating” the new generation of Armodoxy as the last link in a chain, beginning with Time, with the center Golden Link Christ and an open end for what’s to come. A tribute to John Lennon as his 70th birthday approaches- the Revolution of the Sixties and WWJS: What would Jesus sing? Avoiding the pitfalls of traditionalism by not giving too much credibility to past at the cost of discounting the present.
Globalization and the Armenian Church http://www.vimeo.com/15291175
Song: “11 11” by Rodrigo y Gabriela  http://www.rodgab.com/
Ani’s Bubbles: The Golden House http://scrubsmag.com/nursing-theories-love-em-or-leave-em/
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Dreaming Peace w/out Violence

Next Step #116 – August 26, 2010

Almost a half-century past Dr. King’s “I have a dream” speech, President Obama justifies war as a means to peace? So what’s left to dream? Armenian Orthodoxy and the dream to secure peace is explored in this podcast in a very personal manner by Fr. Vazken. More on the Mosque at Ground Zero – insights on constitutionality. Statement from the National Council of Churches: http://www.ncccusa.org/news/MK.cordovamosque.html
Song: Paul Simon’s “American Tune” w/Bach and Beethoven too.
Ani’s Bubbles: An Angel to smiling on you – http://scrubsmag.com/author/AniBurr/
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Thanksgiving Meal: Icon of the Holy Eucharist


Next Step #24 – November 26, 2008

Well he promised and now he delivered! Fr. Vazken presents herein the holistic religion: Armenian Orthodoxy. And the Thanksgiving meal serves as the icon for this holistic expression. This is one of Fr. Vazken’s fundamental teaching points and a must-listen for the neophyte as well as the veteran. This also sets the tone for the season of Advent – the 50 day period leading to Christmas. And Fr. Vazken extends another promise -follow the journey of Advent with us and Christmas will never have the same meaning. You’ll understand it not as event in First Century Bethlehem, but as the essential event leading to the ultimate expressions of love. In this episode of the Next Step, you’ll learn of the incredible similarities between grandma’s house (over the river and through the woods) and God’s everlasting table.

New music from Gor Mkhitarian titled, “Snow” from the upcoming Spirit album as well as a track from Mariam Matossian’s In the Light album titled “Oosdi Gookas”. The Christmas concert is less than a month away. Tickets available from ItsMySeat.com

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Beneath the Halloween Mask of Life


Next Step #20 – October 29, 2008

Boo! This podcast in not designed to scare you, only to make you think. Here’s an opportunity to examine the masks we all wear in life. Fr. Vazken carefully removes the layers that guard and protect us and beneath are no monsters but a pure heart given by God. A unique exposé on the Obama/McCain campaigns in light of the faith vote. Armenian Orthodoxy extends to this discussion of Halloween, masks, and fear.


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Grapes, Vines and Robustness


Next Step #9 – August 17, 2008

The feast of the Assumption of St. Mary – the Holy Mother of God reminds us to be the bearers of Love. Fr. Vazken explores John 15 and Jesus’ directive to stay connected to him – the true vine. Also in the broadcast, an update on Ossetia and Darfur. The two songs that are featured in the podcast are Gor Mkhitarian’s rendition of Gomidas’ “Shogher jan” and Lucine Zakarian singing “Diramayr.”
An exploration of Armenian Orthodoxy and the focus on Love.
Recorded on 13 August 2008

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Even Eclipsed Light Overtakes Darkness


Next Step #7 – July 30, 2008

Life throught the lens of ancient Armenian Orthodoxy – this week: Gabriel Stauring in Darfur, Light and Darkness, the Total Eclipse of the Sun, Eulogy for Fr. Oshagan Minassian.


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