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Next Step #418: Fr. Vazken points to a couple of examples of activism – one reactive another proactive – both worthy of attention and emulation. At UCSD a racist blurb demands reaction that goes beyond ethnic protectionism. In Van Nuys, a father is honored for life-long activism in the Church. Paths toward peace and becoming the instruments of that peace. The courteous side of atheism and more.
Gor Mkhitarian Passport Album
UCSD – Racist Blurb and Response
Eight Stages of Genocide
Sam Sarkes Boranian
Penn Jillett interview
Photo by Fr. Vazken
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Coloring Jesus with a Happy Face

Next Step #102 – May 20, 2010

An atheist visits the Armenian Church and makes us think about Jesus. What is our perception of Jesus? How is it colored by the circumstances that surround our life? A look at the Kent State (Ohio) Massacres 40 years later – Vietnam comes home and affects Armodoxy. Religion doesn’t exit in a vacuum and so it must be relevant to the times and withstand the “test.” Exit-interview with Mariam Torgomyan, burn victim after 5 surgeries and 10 months of therapy. How faith and a church community help this girl heal. Pentecost and the Holy Spirit are coming!
Music: “Yes Achk” by Gor Mkhitaryan (http://www.gormusic.com/)
Ani’s Bubbles: Loving Kindness
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