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Accenting vs. Breaking Christian Stereotypes


Next Step #253 – April 11, 2013
Returning from a lively conversation with Stepan Partamian at GCC, Fr. Vazken reflects on Christianity today, as applied in society. Ethnic identity via the church? Breaking the stereotypes of the Church and Christianity. More topics: The cornerstone of Armodoxy is to look beyond Biblical mythology. Talking about birth control to a people who have experienced Genocide? Case in point: Rwanda. Non violent resistance and disciplining the masses. Case in point: Armenia. The different perspectives of religion; the Holistic approach to God via Armodoxy. Much more…

Stepan Partamian: http://www.partam.com/
Anush’s Pomegranate Seeds:  “Thoughts on Fasting
Song: “Orhynyal eh Asdvadz” by Winds of Passion
Flyer for event: http://tinyurl.com/gcc-dv-part-13
New video series: www.youtube.com/armodoxy
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