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“Circular Breathing”

Next Step #50 – May 20, 2009

Can the discipline of inhaling while exhaling have applications Moutside of music? The Armenian duduk and the Scottish bagpipe meet each other on common ground. But when Obama goes to Notre Dame, or the Pope goes to Jerusalem, can there be “common ground?” It’s all about the drone that keeps a monotone unchanging intonation throughout a song, a hymn, a chant or the sound of the universe. Today’s message ends with the story of Jesus’ Ascension. While Matthew 28 records the last words of Jesus on Earth, just before Ascending, the call to preach is better defined by His first words, as recorded in Mark 1.
Music: Gor Mkhitarian’s “Yeraz” (Dream)
Ani’s Bubles: “Stone Soup”

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