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Profoundly True Reconciliation

Next Step #307 – April 24, 2014

Reconciling the message “Christ is Resurrected” with the reality of Genocide that comes today. Glendale is a ghost town this day, and the trappings of the Church made for some frustration that Fr. Vazken shares with the listeners in this episode. Listen in to a Holy Week and Genocide Commemoration that offer so much more for Christian identity in the 21st century.
Song: “After the War” by Ian Anderson
Fr. Vazken at the Montebello Monument
Leveraging Love
Easter Sunrise Liturgy (with text)
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Setting the Oven at New Year

Next Step #187 – January 5, 2012

Christ is Revealed! It’s the Theophany and the Savior arrives at the Nativity, Baptism and everyday in the life of a Christian. A unique Armenian Orthodox understanding of the Revelation of God in this feast. By taking a look at the impact of the “Song of the Three” on the Armenian people, Fr. Vazken explains how the revealed Savior is the cornerstone of relevancy in our world today. Turn up the volume and the heat for this one. Also – The metaphysics behind the great Samoan day-robbery.
Samoa loses a day before the New Year
Song: “Tamada” by Norayr Kartashyan
O Great Mystery & Wonderous Mystery – Hover Chamber Choir of Armenia
Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
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Christmas Day Ponderings

Next Step #135 – January 6, 2011

It’s Theophany! The Revelation of Christ! Kickoff the New Year with some ponderings – What to think when the  twelve-day countdown is over. Instead of partridges and lords a-leeping, cancer and death visits. Finding PEACE in the face of stress and difficulties. Fr. Vazken shares some personal stories from the Christmas week that point to Christmas miracles – ones of Biblical proportion! The prayer of blessing water – would you believe it provides the answer to some of life’s biggest questions. Christ is Revealed! Blessed is his Revelation!
Ani’s Bubbles: Adam & Eve “Kids”
Songs: “Heaven is a Zillion Light Years Away” by Stevie Wonder
“Today is Christmas” the Youth Choir of St. Sahag/St. Mesrob
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