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An Invite Christians Can’t Ignore

Next Step #783 – November 10, 2023 – Why Christians cannot ignore this moment in history. No need to read Revelation, it’s selfevident. Jesus’ message was peace, and it does not fit as an ‘addendum’ to the Old Testament. It is a New message, and a new testament. The challenge from Burmingham: A call and challenge to the Church and Christians everywhere. The appalling stories that demand answers. Genocide in the works: What happens when WWJD evolves to WWJS, WWJK and WWJB? Epostle takes first steps into the metaverse and returns with new programming.
Must Reading Today: Letter from Burmingham Jail, Martin Luther King Jr.
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Armodoxy for Today: Saints and the Power Within
Icons on Pushkin
World Vision at the Armenian Church, sermon by Fr. Vazken 11/5/23
“Now and Then” by the Beatles
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