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Extreme Goals

Next Step #710: Extremes and extremists, a reflection on the means of change. Pope, Church and Country. Martin Luther King holiday and another opportunity to focus on nonviolence and change.
MLK Retreat 2022 www.InHisShoes.org/MLK_retreat22
Pope Francis to the Diplomatic Corps
Letter from Birmingham
Carol King
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Protest Nearby

Next Step #637: Attorneys Greg Kirakosian and Joseph Kazazian discuss civil rights, protest, Christian/human responsibility, vigilance and the call to justice. An important conversation that started in the face of injustice against Armenians and continues today on the streets and on the world stage.
Gor Mkhitarian Passport
Attorney Greg Kirakosian
Attorney Joseph Kazazian
Joseph Kazazian writer at the Armenian Weekly
Excessive Force against a priest
Mari Manoogian’s necklace and the “eh”
US Constitution Bill of Rights
Leveraging Love by Fr. Vazken
Armenia and Azerbaijan
Cover: Atop Cafesjian Museum, Yerevan 2014 Fr. Vazken
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