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Narrative of Relevance

Next Step #741: In this edition – An explosion in Yerevan rocks the city and its people, and then stops shaking. Notre Dame burns while Etchmiadzin struggles with renovation. The search for relevance is beyond-the-beyond. Planting money and the camp meeting. A revelation at Grapeblessing leads to the strength found in Armodoxy and Epostle.
Yerevan explosion
I found the pearl
John 15 – the Vine and Grapes
Grapeblessing explained
Ararat 1915 by Michael Ganian
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Old Film

Next Step #635: 75 years after the Atomic Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, almost to the date, an explosion in Beirut leaves scores dead, thousands injured and a quarter-million homeless. Fr. Vazken shares and confesses that the difference between the two events is not much. The metaphor: using old film to take pictures today. Christianity beyond the convention, and the decline of social evolution. Camus warning: Nausea
Peace Corps Armenia by Nick Egibyan
Beirut Assistance – Give safely online
The Atomic Bomb at 75
Truman Announces Atomic Bomb Drop
WD168 – this Week: Beirut
USAF National Museum (near Dayton, OH)
Globalization and the Armenian Church
John Lewis Tribute CBS
Armenian Peace Corps
Message from Dan Hastings, Peace Corps volunteer
Cover: Old Film Sunflower with bee, Fr. Vazken 2020
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