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Three Column Religion

Next Step #767 – February 23, 2023 – Three column hymn or prayer books are common place in the Armenian churches, often referred to as the format of the pew book. The commotion behind the curtain: Lenten Sundays have started. Expulsion without the traditional exiles; Connecting the dots with the seven deadly sins. Final words on the goodness being remembered.
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Expelling the Laugh Track

Next Step #507: Expulsion Sunday is the backdrop of this episode as Fr. Vazken looks at the myth of Eden and the power of politicians and law makers, with attention paid to the placement of the laugh-track. Waking up with inspiration, motivating ourselves in face of violence, Florida and more. Jesus fulfilling the laws of the universe, beyond the Moses stories. And the “prime of equal proportion.” Practical Lenten practices as prescribed in Scripture: a look at Matthew 5 & 6.
Seminarians in Moscow
Gun Violence in Florida
Trump: Arming Teachers
Reclaim: Embracing-Faith.com
Lenten Journey Day 11
Billy Graham
Billy Graham on Race
Problem of Evil by Fr. Vazken
Soft & Hard Reset
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Expelling the Myth, Literary

Next Step #300 – March 6, 2014

In this episode: Finding a language in beauty – let’s create, sing and dance. Thanks UCLA Dancers – it’s much better than the Genocide talk. Learning to use the myths – it’s Expulsion Sunday, so let’s expel the myth. On the Road to Healing – a flow of ideas. Suicide and the evolution of our understanding of compassion: for who is the funeral? Fr. McKenzie and Fr. Vazken meet at the grave of Eleanor Rigby.
Song: “Petrvar” by Inga & Anush
UCLA Armenian Dance Group
NPR on revolving around the Earth
Road to Recovery – Lenten Journey
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Expelling the Fairy Tale of Expulsion

Next Step #89 – February 19, 2010

The causes of sin and usurping God’s power: A different look at Expulsion Sunday. Check out the warning label on some of your OT stories: Religion is not for children. Fairy tales make for good camera, but can scare the kids (and us) to the point of no return. Returning to paradise is a goal beyond the stories. Comments on the expansion of Epostle.net with the NEW DAILY PODCAST: A Lenten Journey. WALKING IN THE SHOES of the people of Darfur and unveiling of this year’s April 24 outreach program.
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