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Moving from Faith to Belief in the New Year

Next Step #134- December 30, 2010

Can we learn from big business? How about a clearance sale for the soul? Clear your inventory of everything that’s not necessary to make room for the new models – including a move from faith to belief. Explore a recap of different sorts, as Fr. Vazken talks about walking in the shoes of others during this Christmas season as a prelude to the command to love.  Moving from Faith to Belief and make love the victor in your life. Fr. Kourken at year 1 of passing. Insanity the Pelosi Way – why it’s time to stop the insanity and start the power within. More on lithium batteries. Finally, a vision for LIGHT in the New Year!
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Song: “Tag Haroutian, Nor Tzaghig” by Armenian Duduk Quartet
Ani’s Bubbles: “Boxcar Derby Prayer”
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