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Evolving to a Better Creation

Next Step #296 – February 6, 2014

With some needles sticking out of his arms, Fr. Vazken shares the ancient Faith with nurses, and takes a look at the Creation/Evolution debate which is tragically being taken in a literal format (Nye vs. Hem). No worries: he’s not drugged. This is about understanding metaphor and respecting science. It’s about evolving to a better form of Creation. It’s about creating an Evolution which accounts for all of us. More on “managing the fulcrum” – the untapped power of Christianity in our lives. Also – stories of 50 years ago, the Beatles, Dad and Seeroon – all in this Next Step.
Song: “Besame Mucho” by the Beatles
Debate Nye vs. Hem on NPR
The Debate on YouTube
Seeroon Darer
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