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Fruit of the Womb

Next Step #478: Making connections between the feast of Assumption and the fruit/grape blessing – it’s more than a story that spans a few millennia. Blue Laws in Minnesota are over. “Jeopardy” tips, Gandzasar celebrates 777th anniversary. Talents beyond the handkerchief – the fruit of St. Mary’s womb was blessed along with some other fruit, not necessarily of the grape variety. Early morning miracle comes as a bundle of joy.
Arax Crossing
Gandzasar Monastery at 777 (Armenian language with English subtitles)
Blue Laws in Minnesota are over
Donate to Avon 39 – Fr. Vazken’s walk
Cover: Fruit Stall in Barcelona Market (from Wikimedia Commons)
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The Mother of Love: A Different Perspective

Next Step #165 – August 4, 2011

In preparation of the feast of Assumption, Fr. Vazken takes a step toward understanding St. Mary as a model for saying yes to Love. This is more than the story of an angel visiting the Blessed Mother of God, it’s about a visit we receive daily to become ambassadors of God’s Love in the world. This is prelude to the feast – part one of two. Also – thoughts on self-worth and the plight of women in the world. St. Mary opens a discussion about women’s issues that cannot be dismissed by the Christian.
Julia Roberts story
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John Lennon’s song
Song by Shoushan Petrossian
Ani’s Bubbles “Mary’s Letter to Mothers”
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