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Strong Links into the New Year

Next Step #186 – December 29, 2011

The year comes to an end with reflections that point to new beginnings. Where are the strong and weak links in our life? Finding the missing portion of Nicene Creed – and “focusing on the vision” of the Message of Christ. Kurt Vonnegut’s “Bluebeard” – beating yourself-up as the Turk: Resolving for the New Year. BC/AD BCE/CE and calendar crossings. The Magic of Christmas Eve – Fr. Vazken and his physicians meet at the Nativity of Christ – a life with days and days filled with life.
Song: Gor Mkhitarian’s “The Day” – www.gormusic.com
Focused Vision – Excerpts from the Sermon on the Mount, www.inhisshoes.org
Ani’s New Year Bubble
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