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Behind the Wizard’s Curtain

Next Step #565: A journey to the wonderful Land of Oz where the curtain is pulled on some exciting truths: About prayer, about self worth and about finding God within. No spoiler here – listen in 80 years later. Freedom of Speech basics: Exposing those who can’t end their criticism. Democratic candidates: Spanish language websites and the Apostolic Church?
Judy Garland: “Over the Rainbow
Movies of 1939
Hare who lost his spectacles
Freedom of Speech, Really?
Fr. Greg Boyle (Homeboy Industries)
Reclaim Gomidas Vartabed
Democrats and Spanish Language Websites
Buddha on the Road
Cover: Street Lights 2015 Fr. Vazken
Technical Director: Ken Nalik
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The Personal Touch

Next Step #467: Americans attacked at their own capital and no one left to stand with them! Gabriel’s exponential growth – the iACT event and doing what is right. Freedom of Speech, the power of journalism and the pen. Boss Tweed, Tamany Hall & Thomas Nast. Back from Reno: The Ponderosa and some thoughts on the change of ownership, Trump’s first foreign trip and meeting with religious leaders and communities,
Song: Ara Malikian
Attack in Washington DC
NY Times on Turkish Embassy Protest
iACT: https://www.iactivism.org/
iACT on Facebook
Trumps First Foreign Trip (with religious leaders)
Boss Tweed
Thomas Nast
Reno, NV
First they came for the socialists
Bible Study (5/15/17)
Walking “In His Shoes
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Correcting the P-Correctness of “Jesus”

Next Step #280 – October 17, 2017

When Glendale (California) Attorney tells Fr. Vazken he can’t use the name of Jesus Christ in a public forum it’s more than an annoyance of political correctness. A look at the constitutional right and freedom to free speech, the separation of the church & state. In the spirit of Niebuhr’s prayer – understand the difference between things we can change and those we can’t. The 60’s – the counter culture and the need for Sanctuary in the Body of Christ are all discussed.
Song: 49 Bye-Byes, For What It’s Worth, America’s Children – Stephen Stills
Datev Outreach Presentation to the Glendale Commission on the Status of Women, 10/14/13
More on Datev Outreach: DatevOutreach.org
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