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Franchising Relevancy: The Zoo, Women & Ecology

Next Step #367: Three His Holinesses weigh in with statements at degrees of (ir?)relevancy – Francis (Roman), Aram (Armenian) & Ilya (Georgian). Also – NAACP’s Rachel Dolezal’s self-identification as Black. Also – South Carolina Church Shooting. This first step of our eight year looks at relevancy in religion and the disenfranchised members of the Church.
Links to content:
Nairi “Jann e Havat
Anna Harmandarian’s Blog Grandview Daze
Pope Francis’ Encyclical
Interview with Aram Catholicos
Georgian Patriarch’s statement re: flood as punishment for sin
Flood in Georgia
NAACP President Rachel Dolezal “Self Indentifying”
South Carolina Church shooting
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