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Ascending Wholly

Next Step #362: Ascension Day – Fr. Vazken identifies the next step after crucifixion and resurrection. Follow up on the 100th Anniversary. Interview with Deacon Levon Barsoumian, chairman of the Commemorative Divine Liturgy in Washington DC – on the significance, challenges and meaning of this event.
Photo: cutting the string on Hampartsoum
Song: Vijak by Zulal
Pontifical Divine Liturgy in Washington DC hosted on Catholic TV’s website
Commemoration Website: http://armeniangenocidecentennial.org/
Nayiri Hamparian blogs from Washington: find it on the In His Shoes page on Facebook
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Ascension (Hampartzoum) Offensive

Next Step #156 – June 2, 2011

Forty days after Easter – it’s the feast of Ascension (Hampartzoum). Drop the superstitions and get into gear – a look at Matthew 28:16-20 as a message for then and now. Fr. Vazken looks for inclusion in the 1933 King Kong tribe and the chorus of Anush Opera. Meanwhile – avoid those virgin martinis by taking the Christian Offensive and stopping the numbskulledness.
Music “Miteh” by Shiraz https://www.facebook.com/shiraz.yeghiazarian
Hele Hele” by Richard Hagopian http://www.traditionalcrossroads.com/shop/category_2/Armenian-Artists.html
“Anush Opera” by Spenderian/Toumanian http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anoush_%28opera%29
Ani’s Bubble – The price of a child
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