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Dreaming Happiness

Next Step #189 – January 19, 2011

MLK’s “American Dream” serves as a backdrop for our discussion on happiness. Recent finding suggest religion adds value to the Happiness Hypothesis, how about for you? Fr. Vazken shares thoughts on the Sayat Nova Dance Group and their 25th Anniversary Concert, the MLK/In His Shoes 9th Anniversary Hike, Team In Her Shoes to fight breast cancer, and upcoming plans to bring awareness to issues of domestic violence. Fr. Artoon Sempadian passes away – today’s song “Hayrik” is dedicated in his memory.
Links to today’s topics:
Happiness Hypothesis & Religion: http://www.religionandsociety.org.uk/research_findings/featured_findings/religion_adds_value_to_the_happiness_hypothesis
Sayat Nova Dance Group of Boston: http://www.sayatnova.com/
Team In Her Shoes: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Team-In-Her-Shoes/292120147471155
Dr. King’s “American Dream” Speech:
Fr. Artoon Sempadian passes away: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/fresnobee/obituary.aspx?n=artoon-sempadian&pid=155538890
Song: “Hayrik” by Norayr Kartashyan
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