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Next Step #271 – August 15, 2013

Fr. Vazken starts this episode by an attempt at myth-busting grape-blessing with the help of old-Iraqis and the folks down-under. Where this podcast ends up is a true reflection of Armodoxy – taking the essence of the Holy Mother of God, St. Mary, and finding a verse of pop culture that focuses on the importance of Saints in our everyday life. Is this a redirection or dismissal of her virginity? You decide. But before you do, listen to the list of names ascribed to St. Mary, from “Antaram” to “Makrouhi” to “Yerjanik” and find a message that talks to you. Also, a look at the Grape Blessing service; the Armenians were sanctifying food before Kosher became a standard. Don’t miss this special edition of the Next Step.
Song of the Week: “Birth of a Star” by Torkom Saraydarian
Source for Torkom Saraydarian’s Creative Works
What’s missing from the Nicene Creed? Next Step #270
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