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Worse Odds than the Lotto

Next Step #397: No statistician necessary for this one – we hit two jackpots in one-week, both with worse odds than the $1.5B PowerBall but with much bigger payouts. Life-stories from the world of Armodoxy and one from Las Vegas (at the border) – odds you can live with. Religion, politics and more.
Song: “Stormy Monday” – Cream at Royal Albert Hall
Twenty things more likely to happen than hitting the Powerball
Obama’s Christian Tenure
Obama’s 2016 State of the Union
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Las Vegas Jackpot: You be the judge

Next Step #294 – January 23, 2014

A trip to Las Vegas yields a jackpot that Fr. Vazken shares with the listeners in this episode. Topics: The liberating message of Jesus Christ; Understanding the worship life of Orthodoxy – the distribution of the Savior Jesus Christ through the Holy Eucharist; The Business Plan for the Church, Lessons from a Catholic broadcaster: ships and rafts. Getting a fisheye at the raffle. Mary & Martha at the Church. Be a winner too!
Song: Armenian Mirror by Gor Mkhitarian
Sermon in Las Vegas
Inside the Pomegranate #28 
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