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No Thanks to Cults: Religion Gone Wrong


Next Step #23 – November 19, 2008

Thanksgiving, Cults, Religion gone bad and much more. As Mr. Potter gives the secrets to financial success in this market, Fr. Vazken instructs about thanksgiving. It is the cornerstone of the faith and the key to lasting love. In this remarkable podcast, you are taken on a journey that will conclude next week at Thanksgiving. Quality may preempt quantity, but it doesn’t escape the site of this commentary. A wide variety of topics are discussed, Pope Benedict XVI makes it on board the Cast and Prop 8 is not exempt. Cults and Koolaid® are remembered on this 30th anniversary of the Jonestown massacre. Why do cults make it? You’ll be surprised by the answer Fr. Vazken gives.

A new song by Gor Mkhitarian in preparation for the December 18 concert. It all comes together on this Next Step.

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