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Next Step with Fr. Vazken #703: Mourning the loss of Gabriel & Katie-Jay Stauring, on this Thanksgiving Day. Personal reflections from Fr. Vazken about the life and legacy of two peacemakers who saw God. What if someone cared in 1915? The answer as is found in the work of Gabriel & Katie-Jay. Thanksgiving for the very special life that touched the world.
iACT Tweet on the passing of Gabriel & Katie-Jay
iACT Refugee Led Solutions
What if someone cared? 2008 Gabriel IHS honor
2015 – 20 Trips Later
2021 – iACT in Armenia
2021 – Interview with Gabriel & Katie-Jay
IHS Greetings of Hope
Joan Baez – Gracias A La Vida
Cover photo: Gabriel & Katie-Jay Stauring in Artsakh
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Connected Destinations

Next Step #471: Whether it’s a letter from Forest Lawn or a bridge that connects us to something on the other side… where are we going? Completing the 9th year of podcasting, we’re looking at destinations – the ends beyond the means. Forest Lawn: business lessons for the church. Physical decomposition vs. legacy. Irritant issues… women again… can be resolved via evolution. Making room for Jesus by clearing out the ego. Einstein & more…
Komidas’ Pontifical Anthem (no link- it is a digitized blaka)
On the ordination of women in the Armenian Church
Next Step on Women
Window Vol V, No. 3&4
Armenian Church National Meeting in Etchmiadzin
Supreme Spiritual Council
cf. w/Trump Cabinet
Problem of Evil at the Genocide
Bible Study on Forgiveness & Healing
Nahabed Melconian Book Premiere
Engineered by Ken Nalik
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