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Duduks, Art and the Artist: A Spiritual Journey

Next Step #160 – June 30, 2011

An Interview with Gregory Beylerian – Here is a dialogue that opens the heart and mind to the resonating meditative tone that leads the spiritual quest. In this candid conversation between artist Gregory Beylerian and Fr. Vazken the breathing is circular and the topics are flowing. From the duduk to “letting go,” from Kung Fu to iPhones, this conversation is about awareness and finding the outside parameters imposed by life. This focus takes you to a point where evolution and creation coexist on the same platform.  Also – Fr. Vazken gives a prelude to a discussion on miracles (to be continued next week) – actualizing dreams means you have to wake up!
Links to today’s podcast:
Gregory Beylerian: www.gregorybeylerian.com;
“Rise” Artwork: Available for purchase
Drum Circle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYGWlKXsmAU
New YouTube Channel of Fr. Vazken’s “In Step w/Christ” videos: www.youtube.com/armodoxy
Song of the Day: “Armenian Girls Dance” by Yeghish Manoukian, “Echo of the Mountains”
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Fr. Vazken interviewing Gregory Beylerian