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Born Again to the End Times

Next Step #148 – April 7, 2011

Back from Phoenix through the Arizona/California desert, in time for the Sunday of Advent. Earthquakes, upheaval in the Middle East, Economy – what does it all mean? The “Signs of the Times?” A look at Scripture for answers – exploring Mark 13, Matthew 25 & Matthew 22. Whether you’re “Born Again” or waiting for the Rapture – you will be able to put together the pieces and find out the best way to wait / prepare for end times – A True Orthodox perspective – Armodoxy for us all. Specialists for everything but religion. Another revelation: Believe it or not, patience is not one of Fr. Vazken’s virtues (really?); April 24 – Easter Sunday and the FAST for DARFUR – Transforming Victims to Victors in Christ!
Check out: Dr. Harry Hagopian – consultant to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales on the Middle East http://www.catholicchurch.org.uk/mena-4
Ani’s Bubbles: Helping Hands
Music: Rouben Hakhverdian “Im Spitak Aghavnie”
Produced by Suzie Shatarevyan for epostle.net
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