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The Searching Game

Next Step with Fr. Vazken #704: Pyramid scheme and math explained for beginners of hypothetical religion. Searching for answers, from myth, to science fiction, the religion, to science and then to the search: An Armodox approach to some of the big searches.
The Hunt for Planet b – CNN
Einstein on God and religion
Center of Attention: FLY
Pyramid Scheme
Chicago Christmas Album
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Belief Touched and Untouched

Next Step #642: Eschatological parameters, manipulating the stories and testing religious myth against the backdrop of world events. A quick look at that reality through the last six decades and how the Good Samaritan got lost along with globalization while dialogues phased into monologues. Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the prophet metaphor. Hatred and intolerance: Arsonists at the Armenian Center and self worth. XM Radio deciding what’s religious and what’s entertainment. A simple disclaimer: “I believe”
Mask, Pieces for Piano by Aret Madilian
Armenian Center: Arson and Hate Crime
Go Fund Me page for SF Armenian Center
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, remembrance
Demographics of the Supreme Court
Globalization and the Armenian Church
Nicene Creed
XM Satelite line-up
Cover: Stations, Fr. Vazken 2020
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The Superhero Dilemma: Finding Strength in the Alter Ego

Next Step #352:  The myth of the Superhero – their powers, vulnerabilities and alter egos. Fr. Vazken looks at the Superman myth during this Lenten Season in relation to our lives. Can Clark Kent provide a remedy for stress. Also the “No” prescription and the QWERTY keyboard explained (Clark Kent at his best).
Song: Five for Fighting – Superman (It’s Not Easy)
Adventures of Superman (1950’s series)
Lenten Journey into the Divine Liturgy
100 Year Journey

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