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Standing Rock

Next Step #454: Different reasons bring people to Standing Rock, but what’s inescapable is the power of the Spirit to move, heal and resolve the great issues. Spiritual Warfare: A visit to Standing Rock, meeting with the people, the issue and the land. An interview with Revo: Some candid comments about the Creator, the Pipeline and the power of prayer. Lakota Values that transcend: prayer, respect, compassion, honesty, generosity, humility and wisdom. Offerings to the the Sacred Fire: Tobacco, Sage, River Grass & Cedar.
Dele Yaman – Wings on Fire
Pictures from Standing Rock
Ladonna on America
Seven Lakota Values
100 Year Journey
What can I do to help
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Christmas Eve: Finding Hope in the Manger

Next Step #81 – December 24, 2009

The Christmas Eve Edition – Looking and finding hope in the manger. Why “In His Shoes” is a way of life and how “respect” is the predecessor of love. The Christ child is a revelation of faith, hope and love – concisely placed in the manger for us all. Why January 6? Why December 25? And then finding Christ beyond the manger. Reflections of the newly deceased Fr. Kourken Mouradian – from Khorvirab to Glendale.
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