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A Hug to the Message

Next Step #167 – August 18, 2011

Hug from the lady who lost Max and the importance of human touch. Science & religion met at the grape blessing as they do in all things Christ-centered. The victims of the sexual revolution and the claim-to-fame of the famous. Divorce and the family/children. The primary purpose of institutions is Darwinian in nature. Listen up – and get a hug coupon while you’re at it. Details today.
Musical Selection: “Armenian Dance” by John Bilezikjian http://dantzrecords.com/
Ani’s Bubbles “River Rafting”
Links on today’s show:
Bikes you need to check out http://predatorcycling.com/
NPR – Study: Are cohabitating parents bad for kids?
Man from Ick: http://armodoxy.blogspot.com/2011/08/man-from-ick.html
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