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Here comes Hope & the Sun

Next Step #563: Vernal Equinox: Here comes the Sun, here comes hope: Sunrise service. Tragedy in New Zealand: Sacred and the Profane. Raw thoughts about fear, hope and changing our expressions in the age of terror. Words of caution on hypocrisy. What happened to down-time during Lent? Disney, Fox and the Star Wars ride. Asking Prager, really? Modern day Phariseeism.
Jesus is Love by the Commodores
Reclaim Gomidas 2019
AC202: Gomidas
Reclaim Video Invite
New Zealand Terror
Christ at our Doorstep: Last Station Stop
Prodigal Son
Dishonest Steward
Disneyland Hotels Sold Out
Cover: Here Comes the Sun, Fr. Vazken 2019
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Spring over the Hurdle of Fear

Next Step #146 – March 24, 2011

Updates on Darfur from Gabriel and the iAct team; Other solutions for Libya, are within our tradition of Armodoxy – dream of peace. Living beyond the sword; The quadruple dangers of Japan’s earthquake: fear joins in with the tsunami and nuclear radiation; Supermoon for the start of Spring; The Dishonest Steward teaches that this world is not to be discounted, but the tools of this world can provide for our spiritual welfare. More on the revolutions – it’s in our hands.
iAct: www.stopgenocidenow.org/
Dr. DuPont on fear;
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Music: Nersisyan Komitas-Andreassian Garoun a
Bubbles: What to give up for Lent
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