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Meeting Joseph Again

Next Step with Fr. Vazken #698: A personal journey to meet the adoptive father of Jesus. Here is an encounter that begins 39 years ago, comes to a meeting and steps toward a sermon of compassion and care. Religion in America: the mixture of politics and religion, the Evangelical Church and Christianity for the rest. Religion as the lubricants and conductor to furthering political agendas, a caution and appeal to reason.
Meet the Press 10/17/21
Colin Powell passing
Joseph & Mary’s son (blog)
Superman III
Cassandra Wilson
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Dreaming Fathers for Peace

Next Step #55 – June 24, 2009

Fathers Dreaming of Peace – A look at Fatherhood through St. Joseph’s lens. In this podcast, Fr. Vazken explores parenting by looking at an individual’s relationship with God – in our ability to dream of the impossible and allow others to do the same. What happens when Jon leaves Kate? And what about the eight? You’ll find this podcast with a formula for real peace, whether in your life or in our world. Darfuri children make a phone call to President Obama – are you listening Mr. Obama?
Music: Our Father from the Focused Vision CD. And preview of a new theme song? (You’ll have to listen for this one.)
Ani with her Bubbles and much more.

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