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Empath’s Christmas

Next Step with Fr. Vazken #705: Interview with Alina Samuelian of FLY – Freedom Loving Youth, after her recent outreach in Gyumri. Hear this energetic empath give her first-hand account of life and living conditions in areas of the world hit by tragedy. From Syria to Lebanon to Armenia, FLY reaches out to those in need. Here’s their story articulated by a front-line worker. All this, in the context of Jesus and the “Great Banquet”
Christian Giving, Luke 14:12-24
Freedom Loving Youth
Armenian Earthquake 30 years later
2021 Toy Drive
Children’s Memorial
Peacemakers – Gabriel & Katie Jay
Earlier interview in Armenian
Isabel Bayrakdarian
Cover: In Gyumri FLY meets with mother and son

Connecting with FLY
Facebook: Freedom Loving Youth-FLY
Instagram: freedom.loving.youth
Venmo account: @fly-freedomlovingyouth
Firewood Fundraiser

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Blessed Memory

Next Step with Fr. Vazken #691: The passing of Fr. Maghakia Amerian, of blessed memory, and the loss for the Church. Reflection on this young priest who tragically succumbed to COVID-19 and the legacy he leaves behind. Keeping hope alive when hope seems hopeless, when the bright star goes out. The Church, the numbers: a look at some of the sociological issues pressing against the Armenian Church, esp. in America.
Shoghakat TV eulogy of Fr. Maghakia
Fr. Maghakia: a personal reflection
A praying tribute
Fr. Maghakia sings Kilikia
WD168 this week
Labor Day Message
Cover: Window in Armenia 2009
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