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When VR was all we had

Next Step #681: The virtual church, the virtual nation and virtual Armenia existed long before the pandemic forced virtual realities to interact. Looking beyond the politics of the latest election. Caution against throwing out the baby with the bathwater. The “awe” of religion, expressed in numbers and math. The billion-hour phenomena of YouTube. From “Evil Empire” to “Velvet Revolution”.
AP Election News
WD168 this week
Gorbachev US trip cut short
Bishop Sebu: Baptism in a Shack
Encountering Anew: Vazken I
Vazken I visit to America: Anna Movsesian memoires
First Armenian Bulletin Board System
YouTube at 1 billion
Element Band
Cover: NetZero Stained Glass
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Phenomenon: Believing in the Faith

Next Step #212 – June 28, 2012

Returning from a trip to Wisconsin, Fr. Vazken explores some of the challenges of a Virtual Church. The Importance of touch, action and empathy in the Christian equation. Interview with Fr. Nareg Keutelian, pastor of St. John the Baptist Armenian Church, on technology, the church and the phenomenon of non-ethnic Armenian Church members. Is this where Armodoxy is headed?
In Milwaukee: http://milwaukeearmenians.wordpress.com/2012/06/25/one-sunday-three-priests-a-family-celebration-at-st-john/
Song: “Antza Gnatzi” by Andranik Mouradian, Ethnic Sketches
Window: http://acrag.wordpress.com/
Fr. Vazken’s Sermons: http://armenianorthodoxy.blogspot.com/
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Identity via Something Bigger than Self

Next Step #107 – June 24, 2010

Remember when “Rolling Stone” was counter-culture and war was unpopular? Developing identity in a changing world – (see The Atlantic Magazine article). The World Cup, Wimbledon and the Lakers – lessons on bringing peace and love to Kyrgyzstan and Darfur and rejecting bad-religion. Thoughts from inside the funeral procession: continuing to build the Virtual Church.
Song: “Shalakho” by Datevik http://www.naregatsi.org/Datevik/
Ani’s Bubbles: May the Budgie of Happiness Sit on Your Head, http://scrubsmag.com/author/aniburr
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