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Declaring What is Evident

Next Step #172 – September 22, 2011

Twenty years of independence for Armenia gives cause to reflect on “declaring what is self-evident” and how to take the next step to actualize dreams of independence – personally and as an institution. Determining which laws are just and which are unjust. What is God’s law and rules? A reading of the Declaration of Independence and Dr. Martin Luther King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail. Just/unjust laws. Why you won’t see things getting better in the Armenian Church. The role of institutions: maintaining and preserving the status quo. We know the problems – now what’s the solution – When the door opened the first woman deacon entered – its time to do the same. The Centrality of Christ in the Church – if He’s in the church, what is more important outside? If he’s not, everything outside can be more important. Answering the argument and problem of language in the church – here it is!
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Music: “Mer Hayrenik” – National Anthem of Armenia. Watch video at http://youtu.be/je95_TmJd6s
Ani’s Bubbles: What Cancer Can Do.
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