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Dreaming after Seven

Next Step #319 – July 17, 2014

Year 7 begins… Returning from a spiritual pilgrimage to the base of the sacred Mount Ararat, Fr. Vazken reflects about the power and energy for survival and building life. Here, he reflects on the current situation in the world, from wars in Syria, Iraq, Isreal and the Ukraine, and points to the spiritual answers that affect the self and then the world. At Akhtamar, a Turkish armed guard gives a reality check that was passed! This is the beginning of a series that will focus on the lessons of Armodoxy from the Cradle of Civilization.
Fr. Vazken’s Blog on Armodoxy: www.armodoxy.blogspot.com 
Song: Bazzini’s “Les Ronde des Lutins” performed by Maxim Vengerov
Jethro Tull’s “The Whistler” – www.JethroTull.com
Beatles, “The Inner Light
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