Free Will and Responsibility


Next Step #38 – March 4, 2009

Building on the themes presented last week, the Lenten Journey continues with a look at Free Will and Responsibility. An Armenian Orthodox look at God presents metaphysical concepts which scrape the surface of space-time as understood in the concept of Love. This is some of the ground work necessary to understand the broader concepts of love and relationship building that will be coming out in subsequent podcasts. The prodigal, steward and judge are stored away for next week’s continuation of the Lenten Journey. Also, an invitation to participate in the annual In His Shoes ‘Famine’ aiding world hunger.

Spiritual Bubbles by Ani Burr: The Prayers of St. Nersess Shnorhali (coDntinued)

Global Perspective with Hratch Tchilingirian: Discusses Christian minorities in the Middle East today with a particular focus on the Armenian communities and issues of identity with a look at school, church, and media. (Part 2/3)

Song: “Orhnyal eh Asdvadz” by the Students of the Vazkenian Seminary, Sevan, Armenia

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