Lenten Journey 2020, Day 40 of 40


Friday, April 3, Lenten Journey 2020, Day 40 of 40
Every journey begins with a single step but not all end in such a solitary manner. Some journeys are but a few steps inside a longer travel toward a broader destination. So it is with the Lenten Journey: an annual trek which revitalizes and strengthens our resolve to walk the Journey of Life. The 40 days of Lent have come and gone this year, but not without incident. This Journey was marred by a pandemic which brought the world to its knees. We have been humbled by the menace that this virus can bring. With the lessons of this Journey fresh in our minds and in our hearts we understand that coming to our knees before God is not out of fear; rather, we acknowledge the power of good over evil and how we, His Creations, are invited to create and articulate our life – as an individual and collectively for the community. We find the beauty of life the expressions of love and care amidst the horrors. The last stop in the Lenten Journey is to understand that Worship – Sunday-to-Sunday, day-to-day – is our personal commitment to the lessons of these 40 days. Through Jesus Christ, we are reconciled with God and all of Creation. Life is in our hands and God is with us always.


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