LJ2021 – Day 23 – World

Lenten Journey 2021:
Faith in a Post Pandemic World
by Fr. Vazken Movsesian

Day 23: World

For the children of this world are more shrewd in their generation than the children of light. -Jesus (Luke 16)
The positioning of light opposite the world, in this statement, should not go without notice or construed as incidental. It is not darkness that Jesus refers to in contrast to the children of light, rather it is the world – our world – which is real and a reality with which we have to contend. We are called to be stewards, to manage, the resources and the goods of this world. In so doing, we are called to use the language, the skills and the means of this world. During the Lenten Journey, we are called to list our assets and liabilities as they pertain to our talents. Understanding that our talents and resources exist in the spiritual and the physical world is today’s step in the journey.
Graphic: Pixabay.com
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