Road to Healing – Lenten Journey 2014
Day 24:
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Yesterday I left you with verses from a prayer by St. Gregory of Narek. Narekatsi, as he is called, was monk of the Church at the turn of the first millennium. The monastery of Narek was near Lake Van, in one of the most scenic and serene areas surrounding the holy Mt. Ararat. He was a mystic, a monk, a priest, a poet and a man. He wrote prayers and lead mediations, focusing on the plight of humanity as understood through his suffering, and found a healing joy by humbling himself in the awesome presence of God.

Narekatsi’s prayers are known to have healing powers. Next to the Gospels, Narekatsi’s writings are the most revered by the Armenian people and have been translated into several languages.

I wish to continue today on our Road to Healing with another excerpt from the saint’s sacred poetry. The prayer is recited within the Church with an introductory statement, “From the depth of my heart, a conversation with God.” As I read these lines today meditate not only on the words, but on a possible conversation you would have with the Creator, with Infinite Love. What might that conversation contain? Would it be a shopping list of spiritual ointments and sanctified medicines? Or something else? If your conversation with God begins from your heart, there is only one way it can travel. Give yourself a chance to listen, absorb and then engage in that conversation yourself.

From St. Gregory of Narek,

Lord, my Lord, grantor of gifts, root of goodness,
ruler of all equally, creator of all from nothing,
glorified, awesome, awe inspiring,
beyond understanding,
dreadful, mighty, stern,
unbearable, unapproachable, incomprehensible,
ineffable, invisible, unexaminable,
untouchable, unsearchable,
without beginning, outside of time,
unclouded knowledge, bold vision,
true being, exalted and humble,
blessed existence, shadowless dawn,
ray shining upon all, light professing to all,
unwavering assurance, undisturbable calm,
indelible seal, infinite image, witnessed name,
taste of sweetness, cup of bliss,
soul-nourishing bread, love in dark exile,
unambiguous promise,
covering most desirable, garment most protective,
cloak most worthy, ornament most glorious,
great help, trustworthy refuge,
undiminishing grace, inexhaustible treasure,
pure rain, glittering dew,
universal cure, free healing,
health restored, sublime spur,
undeceiving call, good news for all,
king who lifts up the slave,
defender who loves the poor,
giver of endless wealth,
safe harbor, unyielding command,
hope without bounds,
long in vision, unsparing in generosity,
just right hand that dispenses to all,
impartial eye, voice of comfort, consoling tidings,
harbinger of bliss,
living name, finger of foresight,
unstumbling start, sincere course,
life-giving will, candid advice, unenvying honor,
broad possibility, narrow restriction,
track without trace, path without markers,
image indescribable, quantity immeasurable,
model inimitable,
unparalleled compassion, inexhaustible mercy,
humility celebrated, kiss of salvation.

And more than these worthy epithets,
dedicated to your Godliness,
you who are blessed, praised, lauded,
preached, evangelized,
proclaimed, exalted, recounted, sought with
unflagging desire,
whatever your streams of sweetness bring us,
shall be illustrated in these image-filled psalms,
showing you joyful in my salvation, blessed Lord,
as if a ravenous hunger had been relieved by a
sumptuous feast,
for you are glorified not because of some
vain song of mine,
but because you may accept these modest prayers
as justification for granting your great salvation.

This is Fr. Vazken, inviting you to join us tomorrow as we continue on the Road to Healing.

Narekatsi translation by Thomas J. Samuelian
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