Remember ‘Current Events’? Did the Church forget?

Next Step #199 – March 29, 2012

Revisiting the disenfranchised community (and we’re NOT talking about those who don’t attend church.) Targeting Armodoxy to the “three groups.” The Church and its relevancy to the multitalented/multidimensional individual. HH Vazken I of Blessed Memory (1955-1994), guiding the Armenian Church from Cold War to Independence: the Working of the Holy Spirit; Remembering the “Thief on the Cross” and then remembering ourselves. The “Opportunity Clause” used by Christians to rationalize a loving and damning God. The Basis of the Second Coming of Christ – looking at the Bottom Line of the Christian Message. A quick look at newspapers and a prelude to the “Virtual Armenia.”
Song: “Nayatz Sirov” by the Seminarians of the Vazkenian Seminary, Lake Sevan, Armenia
Daily messages for Holy Week:
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Fr. Vazken at the statue of HH Vazken I at the Seminary in his name, Lake Sevan, Armenia
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