Resonating to Turn Condemnation to Salvation

Next Step #159 – June 23, 2011

The power that resides in each of us, is also part and fabric of the universe, it resides outside of us. Belief and faith means going beyond the ordinary and the expected. Armodoxy is the path that challenges us to find harmony within ourselves and without – seeking the impossible and resonating with the harmonics that otherwise don’t exist. Tapping into the Jesus principle of Resurrection. “Praying Solves all of my Problems.” – Pope Kirollos.  The “loaded” prayer of Christ. Only Christ can change the ugliness of condemnation and death to the beauty of salvation and life.  Using examples from his recent experiences with health issues, Fr. Vazken talks about the power to overcome evil, cancer, and darkness in the Armodox tradition. Armodoxy’s raison d’etre and Etchmiadzin as mission.
Music: Bazzini’s “La Ronde des Lutins’;
Opening: Arax “Vaspouragan”
Lucine Zakarian “Xorhurt Xorin”
Ani’s Bubbles: Keep Hope Alive (Believing in Magic)
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Theme Song by Varoujan Movsesian
Produced by Suzie Shatarevyan for
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