Second Coming: It’s No April Fool’s Joke


Next Step #42 – April 1, 2009

Which way do you look to see Jesus’ second coming? East? West? And how far? 2 years? 20 years? 2000 years? The answer might surprise some and even irritate others, but to the Next Stepper, it’s one more way that Armenian orthodoxy gives a practical answer to life’s imponderables. What happens at the end? Are the sheep the only Curly ones? Or is Curly sheepish today? Check out this last-of-Lent podcast for many more answers!

Global Perspective with Hratch Tchilingirian discusses major world gatherings including NATOs annual meeting and the Arab League Summit, with particular attention on Omar al Bashir and the Arab League’s rejection of the ICC.

Spiritual Bubbles with Ani Burr completes the final 4 verses of Nerses Shnorhali’s Havadov Khosdovanimk.

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