Shaking Christmas Vampires


Next Step #25 – December 3, 2008

You’ll find this episode filled with “Happy Holiday” cheer, and here’s a hint: it’s not because Fr. Vazken wants to be politically correct! Christmas is coming and with the season of Advent, you’re invited to look within and at how the Christ child is being born around you and then within.

Also, in this episode we look at Vampires and the undead. As crowds line up to watch “Twilight” and emotions heat up, we compare it with the undead in the church, namely the saints, both those with a capital and a small ‘S’. The last segment of the podcast is dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of the earthquake in Armenia (December 7, 1988) and the formation of Armenian electronic multimedia through and the foundation for In His Shoes Ministries.

Featured song: “About Light” by Gor Mkhitarian

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